Friday, August 29, 2008


This is my blog about our adventures in homeschooling and my teaching 5 children in a home-based Montessori preschool. I will celebrate my sixth year as a preschool teacher in January 2009.

This year I'll be my homeschooling my 8 year old daughter, hereafter referred to as Flower. We do a mix of Charlotte Mason, Montessori, and Waldorf.

Her 6 year old sister, hereafter referred to as Jelly Bean, will be attending the local elementary school this year but will do some at home learning occassionally and join us on some of our field trips.

Her 3 year old brother, hereafter referred to as Super, will be attending preschool with 5 of his friends. We have three friends who are returning and two new friends.

I'll be blogging about all things learning here, so that will be things like our classroom, various activities that we do, our schedules and routines, etc.