Sunday, July 5, 2009

Well, it took the better part of a month

and I'm not quite done yet (still have to go through the kids papers and decide what to keep), but things are packed up at Montgomery Academy for the summer. I took everything out of the preschool storage closet, and reorganized it, and put some things away. (Oh, and the pictures are out of order - the room starts with the sensory table, then practical life, art, sensorial, geometry, language, math, and ends with the toddler drawers.)

Here's what is still on the shelves:

Sensory Table (not pictured)
Clay & Tools
Tree Blocks, Mega Blocks, Wood Blocks

Tot Shelf
Potato Head

(Part of Math area) Large Wood Dominoes

Art & Writing
Crayons, Markers, Dry Erase Markers, Pencils, Scissors, Glue
Dry Erase Books
Paper, Cardstock, inset paper


Fraction Circles, Pattern Beads, Counting Bears
Pegboard with pegs, Cards and counters, Number bowling
Number puzzle, Number magnets, Sandpaper numbers

Language 2
Small chalkboard, Wikki Stix Letter books, Moveable Alphabet,
Language cards, Matching Cards
Magnadoodle, Letter magnets

Language 1
Picture books
Sandpaper Letters
Alphabet cards
Leapfrog letters

Insets (sorry, I cut off the top of the picture, but they are on a shelf the above pencil holder and inset tray.)
Geometry Puzzles - Triangles, Circles, Squares, Rectangles, Geoboard
Pattern blocks, Geometric Solids, 3 part cards, Sandpaper shapes
Felt shapes, paper mache shapes, simple shape puzzle, shape sorter

CD/Tape Player and CD/Tapes
Lap Harp, Percussion Instruments

Color Tablets 1 and 2, Color Sorting
Block Tower, Knobbed Cylinders
Brown Stair

Practical Life
Sew N Sew, Shoe Tying, Nuts and Bolts
Sweeping, Dusting, Cutting Food
Rugs, Dressing Vests

Ironing Board/Iron/Cloths
Clothesline/Clothes Pins/Cloths

Small Pool
Basketball Hoop
Hop Balls
Misc. outdoor toys/balls
Montgomery Academy is expanding! No, not me! In addition to homeschooling Flower, Jellybean will be joining us next year. We hopefully will also have my sister as an assitant, my nephews for homeschooling, and my niece for Tot School. Tot School is also new. There is a link for it on my blog list. We will be doing Tot School for the toddler that I watch and my niece.
The elementary aged kids will also have a room of their own! I've been hard at work on getting supplies for the room and arranging the room. Pics of this room coming soon!

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