Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Preschool Lesson Plans: Week of 01/11/2010

Just to review, I have 5 preschool students, including my son Super (who turned 5 last September). I have 1 three year old, 3 four year olds, and 1 five year old. I teach preschool Monday through Friday from 9 am until noon. We read and write/draw in journals, have a morning snack, have cicle time, work time, and then eat lunch. On MWF, all five students are here, and on T/Th, there are four students.


Color of the Month: White
Number of the Month: 5
Shape of the Month: Pentagon

Letter of the Week: Jj
Theme of the Week: Snowflakes

Sensory Table
* Nature Box with evergreen boughs and rocks
* Pouring between two pitchers with ice

Playdoh Table
* White playdoh

* Watercolor paint

Practical Life Shelf
* Spooning with silver pom poms
* Open/Closing
* Folding
* Tonging with plastic snowballs
* Small clothespins on the top of a glass
* Snowman lacing
* Dressing Vests
* Feather Duster
* Hand Vacuum

Art Shelf
* Free Art Supplies (crayon rocks, crayon twistables, colored pencils, markers, scissors, glue sticks, clear tape, stapler, paper punch)
* Paper (white copy paper, white cardstock, blue construction paper)
* Foam snowflakes
* Snowflake coloring sheet
* Paper prepared to make snowflakes

Sensorial Shelf
* Knobbed Cylinders
* Brown Stair
* Natural Tower
* Color Tablets 1 and 2 and 3
* Sound Cylinders

Geography Shelf
* Insets
* Shape Puzzles
* Shape Game
* Stereognostic Bag with shapes
* Geometric Solids
* Constructive Triangles 1-3

Language Shelf 1
* Sandpaper Letters
* Yellow Language Materials from My Montessori Journey

Language Shelf 2
* Bob Books
* Pattern Matching
* Classified Cards
* Farm with labels

Writing Shelf
* Letter J coloring sheet from Kids Soup
* Letter J tracing set from Kids Soup
* Magnadoodle
* Moveable Alphabet
* Pink Language Cards

Science and Culture
* Flower Puzzle and 3 part cards for flower
* Bird Puzzle and 3 part cards for bird
* Continent Puzzle
* Continent Globe and Sand and Water Globe

* Number Rods
* Spindles
* Snowflake numbers and counters
* Number Cards
* Sandpaper numbers

The Little Snowflake
Millions of Snowflakes
Ice Is Nice
Snowflakes in Photographs
Snowflake Bentley

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