Monday, June 28, 2010

I really need to blog here!

I've promised a bunch of posts, and then in other exciting news, we are homeschooling year round! It has been FUN! We are pretty relaxed about it - First a read aloud while we are eating breakfast, then 5-10 minutes on spelling, and 20 minutes or so on Math followed by a break. Then we have lunch with a read aloud (out of a different book), Science (I think this is the kids favorite subject so far! Flower is doing Weather, Jelly Bean is doing things out of The Ben Franklin Book of Easy and Incredible Experiments, and Super and our daycare friend from last year are doing Bugs right now.), Art/Music (Jelly Bean is doing recorder, Flower is doing Keyboard and Guitar, and the little kids are listening to music CDs), and then Individual Reading. We generally do a couple hours of "school" although sometimes it takes longer because they are really into art or music.

Anyway, I want to blog more about it, and I promise that I will soon! And I'll get those past post finished up too. Keep watching here - when I get behind, then I usually do a post every day for a couple of weeks to get caught up! LOL


Montessori For Learning said...

I had not seen the Ben Franklin Book of Easy and Incredible Experiments. I saw this on your post and thought it might be interesting to try... it was fabulous!

Leptir said...

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