Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On the Shelves: October 4-8th

Practical Life Shelf (mostly)
Open/Close, fabric matching, instruments
dressing vests
bead thing, soft fabric cube (both used by infant)

Sensorial Shelf (mostly, with Alphabet Center above) -
Orange cards from the Color Sorting Cards from Montessori for Everyone, Block Tower, Color Tablet 1 and 2,
Knobbed Cylinder A
Brown Stair

Language Center (with Schedule, Weather, Sign Language and Letter Card for the week on blue pocket folder)
Cc Matching cards, Cc book from KidSoup
magnetic lowercase letters
LeapFrog Fridge Letters (with C in it)

My bench (inside the bench are the line mats. Above the bench is the calendar.)

The reading bookshelf
(on the top of the bookshefl) - the basket holds all the preschool read aloud books, a US flag, and the Flower Fairy book
Jelly Bean's books
Preschool Books
Infant pull toys and Cloth books

The Geometry Shelf (mostly) -
The Geometric Shapes Sorting Cards from Montessori for Everyone, the nature box (needs some sprucing up for Fall) and The Pumpkin Life Cycle from Montessori for Everyone
Language Cards, Magnadoodle, Separate/Whole cards,
Shape Puzzles
Sorting Shapes and Geometric Solids

Geography Shelf
World Puzzle Map, World Globe, Land/Water Globe and land, water, air cards and World Cards from Montessori For Everyone
Puzzle Holder with Puzzles

Wood/Classic Toys
Pumpkin Number Card, Stacking Cups, Counting Bears, Bead Sequencing
Cutting Food
Pegboard and Toolbox
Wooden Barn and Wooden Animals

Practical Life - ironing, kitchen, and dolls.


Alycia in Va. said...

I love the different areas you have set up. Just found your blog from "The Work Plan", looking forward to reading through as I have a younger child too learning via the Montessori method.

Susana said...

Cool! Good Job. Thank you so much for sharing. It is so nice to be able to be inspired by other mama's. The "blogoshphere" is great!


Leptir said...

I like it :-)