Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making a change around Preschool here . . .

I've actually been changing things for awhile but I just haven't got around to posting about it. I just don't post here often. I think it is because things are working, yet things don't often change that much.

And the other reason is that I'm doing less with Montessori.

I still love it. I've used the method for YEARS with preschoolers. But I've found that lately, with this latest group, partly because they are mostly younger, mostly under 3s, that it just wasn't working for us.

So I have gone to more of a Waldorf feel for the younger kids here. We still do circle time and we still talk about numbers and shapes and colors during circle time, but much of the time is spent with free play using natural products. And I've put many of the Montessori-specific materials in storage.

I also do less with monthly themes, at least in terms of specific materials out on the shelves. I still do themes with the books I read each week and we do things like make watercolor hearts for Valentine's day. Oh and I still make the play-doh a different color every month. But most of the shelf work is more open-ended, natural materials.

We do more "natural" practical life too. I still have some practical life activities on the shelf, but not much. I have a transfer work, a polish work, a folding work, and the dressing vests right now. But they help me prepare meals and wash and dry and sweep too.

So I think the blog will change a little. It will mostly be pictures of the preschool kids doing whatever they are doing that week, and some specific posts about what the school-aged kids are working on.

I hope you come along for the new journey!

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