Saturday, April 9, 2011

What We Were Up To In February

Well, we were up to more than what was in these pictures! We started the month of February being closed for two days because of the huge blizzard that came through Illinois. We live in a subdivision with detached garages & alleys and we couldn't get any vehicles in or out! We also celebrated Chinese New Year and Valentines Day. The first few pictures are of Jelly Bean (age 9) and some of the preschoolers. They love her and she loves them. It works out well!

Little Boy (age 2) and Jelly Bean

Smiley (age 3) Jelly Bean

Belle (1) and Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean and All Boy (2)
Smiley, Little Boy, and Cutie Pie #1 (age 1) and Cutie Pie #2 (age 3) wearing the dressing vests.

Jelly Bean's creation out of white Sculpey clay.