Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Schedule - February 2 through February 6


Number of the Month: 5
Shape of the Month: Pentagon
Nursery Rhyme of the Month: The Queen of Hearts

Letter of the Week: U

Theme: Snow/Snowflake/Snowman and Hearts

Art: At the sensory/art table, we have pink play-doh and heart play-doh, and marble painting. At the easel, we have dot-paints and painting with q-tips, and on the art shelf, we have heart punching, doily hearts, and heart tracing.

Practical Life: We still have our necklace work, the pouring work has changed to pink & purple rubber star balls, and we have roses in the tonging work, and pink and red pom-poms for the spooning work.

Sensorial: We have fabric matching out this month, as well as all of the other activities.

Language: On the language shelf, heart matching has been added.

Writing: The pentagon metal inset is featured this month, and we are working on writing "heart."

Science: We are still working on fish and seeds.

Math: On the math shelf, a heart counting activity has been added.

Books: The Little Snowflake, Millions of Snowflakes, The Owl Moon, Bright Snow, White Snow

3rd Grade

Math: Math-U-See Beta unit 18
Reading: Meet Kaya and Kaya's Short Story Collection
Writing: Working on a story to enter in the state Young Author's contest
Spelling/Vocabulary: from Kaya's Short Story Collection
Botany: The Lily Family
Zoology: Groundhog
Geography: Map Skills and Kentucky
Culture: Usborne Internet-linked Peoples and the quicklinks with it
History: American History (1760s)
M is for Music, R is for Rhyme, M is for Masterpiece: Letter J
Music: Recorder - Work on new song
Art: Matisse
Practical Life: Sewing lesson on Tuesday

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