Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Schedule - February 9 - 13th, 2009


Number of the Month: 5
Shape of the Month: Pentagon
Nursery Rhyme of the Month: The Queen of Hearts
Letter of the Week: Z

Theme: President's Day/Dental Month/Hearts

Art: At the sensory/art table, we have pink play-doh and heart cookie cutters. At the easel, we have dot-paints and painting with q-tips. On the art shelf, we have heart punching, heart tracing, president coloring sheets, and penny rubbing

Practical Life: Pouring work has pink & purple rubber star balls, and we have roses in the tonging work, and pink and red pom-poms for the spooning work. A tooth brushing activity has also been added.

Sensorial: We have fabric matching out this month, as well as all of the other activities.

Language: On the language shelf, heart matching has been added.

Writing: The pentagon metal inset is featured this month, and we are working on writing "heart."

Science: We are talking about penguins and ice.

Math: On the math shelf, a heart counting activity has been added, and a bear pattern activity.

Books: The White House, The American Flag, The Pledge of Allegiance, So You Want to Be President, Our Abe Lincoln, Just Going to The Dentist, Tooth Trouble, Andrew's Loose Tooth, The Tomten, Be My Valentine, and The Valentine Bears.

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