Friday, November 20, 2009

We are going on a Leaf Hunt . . .

We went on a leaf hunt in early November. The students put their coats on and got their bags and we walked around the block. And they put lots of leaves in their bag. Simple, but OH, they enjoyed it SO much.
Sweetie, Lollipop, Wiggles, Super and Princess getting ready to go outside - I love this picture.

It was drizzling, but it has been raining for the longest time, so I took my opportunity when we could. I love this picture too.

Our neighbors put these blow up decorations up for all the major holidays.

Most of the pear trees still had leaves on them when we went on our hunt, although most of the other trees had lost their leaves. Now most of the trees are bare. It definitely LOOKS like November around here. Bare trees, grey skies.

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