Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Geese and Martinmas/Veteran's Day
November 9-13, 2009
Letter of the Week: Ff
Number of the Month: 3
Shape of the Month: Square
Color of the Month: Yellow
Nursery Rhyme: Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

• At the sensory/art table, we have yellow play-doh, leaf sorting, and a salt tray.
• At the paint easel, we have yellow paint, water color paint, and yellow DOT paint.
• On the practical life shelf, we have cutting food, nuts and bolts, flower arranging, sew and sew, beading, opening/closing, and dressing vests.
• On the art shelf, we have build a scarecrow, and a pumpkin coloring sheet, and then our free art supplies (paper, cardstock, construction paper, scissors, crayons, markers, pencils, tape, glue, stapler, and paper punch.)
• On the sensorial shelf, we have color tablets 1 and 2, the brown stair, block tower, and knobbed cylinder A and B and C and D and the red rods.
• On the geometry shelf, we have the circle, triangle and square puzzle. There is also a geoboard, shape sorter, and geometric solids and a new shape game.
• On the letter shelf, we have sandpaper letters (lower case and upper case) alphabet cards, and leap frog letters. I’ve also added the Red Language materials (learning 3 letter words that start with r, a, m, f, b, i, t and g.) We are working hard on the letters f and b.
• On the language shelf, classified cards on rooms in your house, calendar matching, and fall letter words. I also have the Bob books – Set A (easy reader books) on the shelf.
• On the writing shelf, we are working on the square shape with the metal insets. We also have dry erase writing, letter stamping, letter tracing for f, magnadoodle, and moveable alphabet. We also have f coloring sheets and f tracing sheets
• On the science shelf, there is reptile puzzle – turtle, plant puzzle – leaf, and land and water cards.
• On the geography shelf, there are the continent globe and the sand and water globe and the continent map puzzle.
• On the math shelf, we have sandpaper numbers, number puzzle, number bears, bead matching, fraction puzzles, spindles, and seasonal counting activities.
• We are reading Boxes for Katje, Gertrude the Goose who Forgot, Geese, One Smart Goose, Honk, Honk, Goose!, Boo to a Goose, and Goose’s Story.

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