Saturday, August 15, 2009

Getting the Preschool Shelves Ready . . .

I was starting to get really overwhelmed, and then I decided to look at my Montessori Periods schedule for September.

Phew. I actually need to put stuff away. I may have to modify the schedule for the 4 year olds because they are "older" 4s, and I don't know if they will need a whole month of review. But we can review for a couple weeks anyway, and that will give me time to observe them and see where to go from there. I have 2 Threes that are completely new. One is a Tues/Thurs child, and the other is a M/W/F child.

I do still have quite a few things to get out/ready for August/September Theme activities, but I'm not quite as behind as I feared. There's a first!

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