Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Heart Craigslist. And Goodwill. And Garage Sales. Oh My!

A picture of my cubbies. The picture is from the Craigslist post.

At the beginning of the summer, I put together a list of things that I wanted to get for Montgomery Academy. I priced it out to buy these things new, and well, it was going to be VERY expensive.

So I started going to garage sales, thrift stores, asking friends, and checking Craigslist. Now that school is just a few weeks away, here is what I've managed to get.

Here's the list -

** A Little Tikes or Step2 climber - check. Purchased off Craigslist.

** Cozy Coupe - check. Purchased at Garage Sale.

** A plastic picnic table - check. Purchased at Garage Sale.

** A sandbox with a cover - check. Given to me by a friend.

** Wood bookcases from 2 shelf to 5 shelf - Bought two at garage sales, and my sister gave me another one. Could use one more.

** Wooden toys for children Zero to 5 - Got several at thrift stores. Could use a few more.

** child-sized indoor table - check. Purchased at Garage Sale.

** Wood trays, especially with handles - Got several at thrift stores. Can always use more.

** Writing table - check. Purchased at a Garage Sale.

** Art or music materials - Didn't manage to get any, but do have some existing materials.

More long shot items

** window well covers for larger window wells - decided I didn't need them

** 2-3 daycare cots - check. Purchased off E-bay.

** cubbies for coats/backpacks, etc. - Check! Purchased off Craigslist today!

** large corkboards - still need

** A laptop - can be older. But needs to work! and be able to be able to used with a wireless router. - still need, but have a chance to get one through Mr. F's work (they do a computer lottery every year or so.)

So far, total, I have spent just over $200, with the bulk of that going towards the climber and the cubbies. If I had bought either the climber or the cubbies new, just one of them would have cost well over $200. Here is a link to similar cubbies.

I really didn't think that I would manage to get most of the things off my list by buying them used, especially the cots and the cubbies. But with persistence, patience, and good old-fashioned luck, Montgomery Academy is going to have many new and exciting things this fall!

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