Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pictures from early March: Preschool

Top shelf on the Art Shelf - free art materials, shamrocks, and
Level 1 from Child-Size Masterpieces.

Second shelf on Art shelf - Q coloring sheets and Cat In The Hat coloring sheet

Cutting sheet, paper, and inset paper (the children like to use inset paper for smaller drawings/making books, etc.)

Top shelf of the geeometric shelf - The insets. There is also a geometric plane shapes chart on the wall and geometric plane cards in the bottom right corner - both from Montessori For Everyone.

The Geometric Shelf

Top shelf - stereognostic bag with geometric shapes,
pattern blocks, and a shape game that I got at the thrift store.

Middle shelf - Geometric solids, felt geometric shapes,
shape sorter.
Bottom shelf - My version of the triangle, rectangle, circle,
and square trays of the geometric cabinet, sandpaper shapes,
and a shape puzzle.

Not pictured in this picture - my version of the
geometric cabinet trays 7-10. They will displayed in a future post.

Shamrock number line, shamrock cards and counters

Math U See Stair

Quilt number activity

Quack, Quack flannelboard story from KidsSoup

A picture of some of the things on the wall.

On the South wall, there is a small 12 month calendar, our Montgomery Academy pledge, a little sign about children, and a painting of The Very Hungry Catepillar done for us by Little Boy's mom. We love it!

On the West wall, starting from the left - Our calendar, the monthly nursery rhyme, geometric plane chart, a bird poster (I got this for 25 cents at our local teacher's store. I have mammal, reptile, fish, and amphibian posters too.), continent chart (from Montessori For Everyone), and our Daily chart. Our Daily Chart holds our schedule, the sign language card for the letter of the week, the weather/season cards for the day, and name cards (the name cards are flipped over).

I got all of the pocket charts shown here (and our red Helper chart, our red folder holder, and our Alphabet Center - not pictured) at our teacher store. They have a big sale in July, so I buy then for the year. Most of these pocket charts I purchased 4 years ago - when we moved the preschool room out of a bedroom into the family room area.

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