Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Montgomery Academy - Elementary Version

In the Document section, I have a document that shows the books/curriculum we will be using this year, and I did a post here about our plan for homeschooling. Most of this is still true, but I thought I'd let you know, now that we've done things for a couple weeks, what we have ended up doing.

First of all, my sister did end up joining me as my teacher assistant. Yea! She brings her two sons, Scooter (age 10) and Helper (age 8) and her daughter (16 months.) She has another daughter, Princess (age 5), who attends public school. My sister teaches Language Arts (spelling, literature, grammar, writing) and History in the morning. She teaches upstairs. The older kids sit on the couches in the living room, or around the table in the dining room. Her toddler and Little Boy, the toddler that I watch (age 17 months) play in the living room while she teaches. Meanwhile, I teach preschool downstairs in the Preschool area.

We have lunch and PE, and then I teach the older kids in the afternoon downstairs in the school room. The toddlers are napping sometime during this time, and the two preschool aged daycare children have quiet time for an hour, and then watch an educational video or work on things from the preschool area. I teach Math, Picture Study, Science (we are alternating Botany and Astronomy), Geography, and "Specials" (Art, Music, Instruments, Poetry, and Shakespeare.) I use the Penny Gardner version of Picture study.

I'll give you the Afternoon Schedule and the books we are using. When I get a copy of my sister's schedule, I'll post that too.

Math (30 Minutes)
Picture Study – View, Turn Over, Narrate (15 minutes)
Botany (30 minutes) -
Music Study - Story of the Orchestra – Read/Listen (15 minutes)
Geography (30 minutes)

Math (30 minutes)
Picture Study – View, Turn Over, Sketch Black & White (15 minutes)
Astronomy (30 minutes)
Recorder/Keyboard Instruction (15 minutes)
Alphabet Art (30 minutes)

Math (30 minutes)
Picture Study – View, Turn Over, Sketch Color
Botany (30 minutes)
Music Study - Story of the Orchestra - Composer or Instrument Study /Listen (15 minutes)
Geography (30 minutes)

Math (30 min)
Picture Study – View, Turn Over, Free Choice of Art Material (15 min)
Astronomy(30 min)
Keyboard/Recorder (15 min)
Alphabet Poetry (30 min)

Math (30 min)
Free Choice Bins (15 min)
Botany (30 min)
Free Choice Bins (15 min)
Shakespeare (30 min)
Here are the books we are using:

Math U See Beta (M-Th) & Saxon 2 (F) – Jelly Bean & Helper
Saxon 5/4 (M-Th) & Geometry (F) – Flower
Saxon 6/5 (M-Th) & Geometry (F) - Scooter

Picture Study
Museum ABC

Music Study
Story of the Orchestra

Apologia Botany

Apologia Astronomy

Continent/Country Study – Flower and Scooter (Puzzles, Continent Boxes, Continent Research Guide Form)
U.S. State Study – Jelly Bean and Helper (Puzzle, H.I.P Quarters, US Atlas book)

M is for Masterpiece

R is for Rhyme

Tales From Shakespeare

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