Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preschool Month 1: What's On The Shelves

Pocket Chart for our schedule and weather pictures. The children's names are listed below the weather symbol (not shown in the picture though.)

The Alphabet Center. I really like this. It was a bit pricey, but I've used it daily for the past 4 years.

A pocket chart with our monthly nursery rhyme. We "read" it every day.

The calendar

The art easel. There is a chalkboard/dry erase, and we clip paper on it for painting too.

Playdoh center. I always make my playdoh and color the color of the month. The color this month is Red.

A couple of the practical life shelves - cutting food, locking puzzle, duster. Nuts and bolts, sticks in shaker, sorting by color.

Floor rugs and dressing vests.

Top shelf of the art shelves - glue, jars with other supplies, magnadoodles, and papers.

Copy paper, card stock, and inset paper.

Top shelf of the sensorial shelf - color box 1, Color sorting, and color cards.

2nd shelf - Block tower, knobbed cylinder A

3rd shelf - Brown stair

Top shelf of Geometry shelf - Insets

Rest of the Geometry shelf

Alphabet Shelf

Language Shelf - 3 part card, language cards, season cards

Top shelf of Writing Shelf - Dry erase with alphabet

2nd shelf - moveable alphabet

3rd shelf of writing shelf - Felt and magnetic letters

Science Shelf (Sorry it is all shadowy!)
Mammal Puzzle, Tree Puzzle and control cards and 3 part cards.

Math Shelf - Short Bead Stair, Fraction Puzzles, Bead Sequencing.
Counting Bears, number cards, Counting Apples.
Sandpaper Numbers, magnetic numbers, and number puzzle.

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