Thursday, September 17, 2009

Elementary Week 3: What We Were Up To

Literature: Scooter - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Flower - The Little Princess, Helper - Charlotte's Web, Jelly Bean - The Wizard of Oz.

History: Story of the World 1 -

Spelling: Scooter and Flower - Spell and Write Grade 6, Unit. Helper - Spell and Write Grade 3, Unit. Jelly Bean - Spell and Write Grade 2, Unit.

Grammar: Scooter and Flower - God's Gift Of Language, Unit 1. Helper and Jelly Bean - Beginning Wisely, Unit 1.


Math: Scooter - Saxon 6/5 Lesson , Flower - Saxon 5/4 Lessons , Helper and Jelly Bean - Math U See Beta - Lesson 3

Botany: Apologia Botany. Lesson 1 - Vascular and Non Vascular Plants
Astronomy: Apologia Astronomy, Lesson 2 - The Sun

Geography: Olders - North America Continent Study - Draw and label North American Countries. Youngers - Alabama. Study in Atlas and color Alabama quarter from H.I.P Quarter Lesson Plans.

Picture Study: Museum ABC - B is for Boat

Poetry: R is for Rhyme - B is for Ballad

Art Study: M is for Masterpiece - B is for Brush

Music Study: The Story of the Orchestra - Bach

Instruments: Olders - Keyboard (Learning the location of the notes on the keyboard and on the staff) Youngers - Recorder (Learning location of notes on the staff and playing the letter B)

Shakespeare: Biography about Shakespeare

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