Sunday, September 13, 2009

Now that it is September, what did I get done?

I will post about Montgomery Academy - Downstairs version soon, and I will post pictures from our first couple weeks of MA - Elementary, and our first week of MA - Preschool, but first, I wanted to check in with what I got done from my list of things to do.

* Go through papers from last year for all three of my children. Keep only 1-2 things from each month. - DONE

* Print, print, and print. My first priority is to print out all the manuals that I've done in my Montessori Online Training Class. Then, I need to print Montessori Grammar materials, and then Geography. After that, I need to print some seasonal activities for preschool for September. Then Montessori Math materials. - ALMOST DONE. I got everything that I needed done by through September.

* Go through Theme List for September for preschool and check books that I have here and see if there are any books that I want to check out from the library. Check to see if I have all the apples that I need for various works. - DONE

* Order any books that I need for homeschooling. - DONE. The books took longer than I expected, but everything is here now.

* Buy anything that I need for homeschooling from the local teacher's store.* - SORT OF DONE. Had to make two special orders for the spelling books. Still waiting on a couple books.

* If I end up with an extra $100 that I don't know what to do with, order the Botany Cabinet and Color Box 3 from Adena Montessori. UH, DIDN'T HAVE EXTRA, but I'm hoping to have some by the end of the month. But I'm not getting Color Box 3 yet.

* Make Continent Felt Map. - DONE

* Make sensorial materials that I still want to make. - NOT DONE

* Make math materials that I still want to make. - NOT DONE

* Make language materials that I still want to make. - ABOUT HALF DONE

* Oh yea, I also want to print control sheets for the Botany Puzzles and Zoology Puzzles from Montessori N' Such freebies section. And create labels. And create felt versions of the Botany and Zoology Puzzles. - PART DONE. Printed control sheets.

* Order Montessori Geography Control Maps from Montessori N' Such. NOT DONE. The control maps are $10, and shipping is $10. I'm having a hard time paying the same for shipping as the product.

* Update Parent Handbook, and other forms. - NOT DONE

* Create bulletin board for Fall. - NOT DONE

* Buy new student folders, markers, crayons, etc. for preschool. - DONE

* Buy new notebooks for homeschool. - DONE

* Organize homeschool room. - DONE

* Organize preschool room. - DONE

* Organize playroom. - DONE

* Organize sleeping areas (for Montgomery Academy All Day students.) - DONE

* Buy and put up the new wooden playset outside - NOT DONE

Well, I still have some materials to make, and Mr. F needs to get the playset up, but I'm doing fairly well on my list so far!

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