Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pictures from Week 2: Preschool

Painting with watercolor paint

Super doing Play-doh. Probably his favorite activity.

Tonging with apples.

Pouring. I got this cute set at the thrift store for 59 cents. It takes so little to thrill me. LOL

Drawing with markers. One of her favorite activities.
The sandpaper shape, sandpaper letter, and sandpaper number we are working on. These are right in front of the modeling clay and sand tray.
This pocket chart also holds our helper jobs. There is a job on a seasonal paper (this month is apples) with a name card at the bottom. Each week, the name is rotated to the next job.

The sand tray. This student is doing more sensory work than writing, but that's o.k. too.

Knobbed Cylinder A.
I invested in these the first year I taught preschool, and I've never regretted it. The new 3s always love them, and the 4s love to do them all at once or put all the pegs in a bag and pull them out, etc.

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