Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Elementary - Week, hmm??

I think we are in week 8. I'm not sure.

We are still schooling. We've even done some cool learning, but I haven't taken many pictures. And we've had doctor's appointments for some, dentist appointment for others, and my "assistant" was out for two days with the flu. So we have been a bit hit and miss, but we are still getting the basics (Reading, Writing, Arithmatic) done every day, so it's all good.

I am also SUPER excited to post about what we are doing for grammar, but it needs to be a post in itself, and I need to take some pictures, which I haven't done yet. Maybe by this weekend . . .

I also really want to get pictures taken of the Elementary school room.

Anyway, I thought I'd let you know what have been doing lately:

History: Story of the Word I - Ancient Babylonians

Grammar: Nouns

Copywork: Daily writing of seasonal quotes in cursive.

Spelling: Jelly Bean - Everyone is on Unit 7 in their Spell and Write book.

Literature: Jelly Bean - Peter Pan, Flower - Little Women, Scooter - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Helper - ?? I'll have to come back and edit this when I look at his book.

Geography: Olders - North American Continent Study. Youngers - California

Science: Astronomy - Apologia Astronomy, Finish up the unit on the Sun and reading library books about Apollo 13. Botony - Apologia Botony, Learning about Moss.

Math: Flower - Saxon 54, Lesson 30, Scooter - Saxon 65, Lessson 35, Jelly Bean and Helper - Math U See, Lesson 8

Picture Study: Museum ABC - F is for Feet

M is for Music: B is for Brass

R is for Rhyme: E is for End Rhyme

M is for Masterpiece: E is for Easter Island

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