Sunday, October 25, 2009

Field Trip: The Pumpkin Patch

We took our annual field trip to our pumpkin patch, which isn't REALLY a pumpkin path. It is a field in front of a church where they line up pumpkin in rows and you can pick them out. It is just easier to go to a place like this, especially when I am dealing with 4 or 5 preschoolers, and because it is usually VERY cold, and very windy.

Well, I got up on Friday morning and it was in the upper 50s. Nice, right? It had been raining during the night, but it wan't raining now. It did rain steadily the day before, and it had been raining on and off for a few days. But it wasn't raining when it was time to leave for the field trip. So I thought we would finally have a not so quick trip to the pumpkin patch.

Well, it was still a quick trip, but not because of cold or wind.

Here are some of us & a parent picking out pumpkins

Here is Super holding his pumpkin

And here is Jelly Bean holding her pumpkin. And if you look down, and especially behind her, you will see why it had to be a quick trip.
It was really soggy in the field, and then see that pond behind the children? That "pond" usually isn't there. And the driveway to the church was under about 2 feet of water.

Jelly Bean and Flower

And Super the Scarecrow

Back at the house for apple cider and Krispy Kreme donuts - regular and pumpkin!


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