Friday, October 23, 2009

Pictures from Week 6: Preschool

Working on play-doh on the new Halloween mat

Building a tower

Working on Columbus hats

This little guy is new this week, and he has a couple favorites. One of them is this counters and cards activity that I got from My Montessori Journey.

Playing with the farm. Did I post about how I got this Melissa & Doug's wooden farm at the thrift store this summer for $5???? What a deal!

This is the new boy's other favorite activity. I'm not sure what exactly he is doing, besides just lining the bears up, but he really enjoys it.

Cutting food. One of Super's favorite activities.

A 3 year old, new this semester using the knobbed cylinders. She did, after this picture was taken, realize that something wasn't right, and managed to get all of them in the correct order.

Using Color Box 1

Working with the Block Tower. This student is 4.5 years old, and definitely has mastered this activity, but she still gets it out fairly often. She also enjoys doing extensions with the block tower.

Putting the Brown Stair back on the shelf.

Starting to put the leaves in numerical order. I got this idea from My Montessori Journey also, although I got my leaves at the Target $1 spot instead of Hobby Lobby.

Spider sorting by color. This idea was inspired by the What DID we Do All Day? blog.

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