Monday, October 5, 2009

Montgomery Academy Toddler Version

I watch a Little Boy who has come here since he was a bitty six week old babe. Now, he is a 16 month old toddler. My sister has 4 children - Scooter (10) Helper (8) Princess (5, who goes to Kindy at a local elementary school) and Smiley, who is 15 months.

Little Boy and Smiley mostly like each other. There is still the occassional hitting, and the slightly more than occassional biting, but generally, they get along. They mostly play while we are doing "school" with the other children, but I try to focus on having "toys" like shape puzzles, pull toys, pegboards, etc.

But the other day, they had a marathon session of playing with salt dough and coloring. They loved doing both, and would protest LOUDLY when we tried to take things away from them.

Here are some pictures of the toddlers in action:

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