Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3rd Grade Schedule

We live in Illinois and we are not required to notify the state that we are homeschooling and we are not required to submit any assessments of her work. I will, however, be keeping records for myself of what we do from week to week, and she is also doing most of her work in a Main Lesson book, so we will have a record of what she did over the course of a year. I had originally planned on having a Main Lesson book for each area, but I decided that it would be too cumbersome for her to have to switch books all the time, so now, our plan is to put most of her drawings and writing from all subjects will be put in one Main Lesson book and when that one is filled, then she will go on to a new Main Lesson book until the end of the school year.

But just in case anyone out there is wondering what Flower will be studying this year, here is her yearly schedule. The link to the Serendipity website is on my blog list.

Copywork: Old Testament verses written in cursive writing – Daily

Literature: Literature List followed by Narration (oral – daily and written – weekly)

Writing: Imitation in Writing (Fairy Tales) – four days a week

Poetry: R is for Rhyme - Serendipity (once a week)

Grammar: Parts of Speech & Parts of the Sentence (Ruth Heller Language Series) – October 15 – October 31st, February 1st – February 15th

History (3 Times/week)
Ancient Civilizations: A Child’s History of the World by Hillyer (Greece, Egypt, Rome, China, India)

Historical Biographies & Activities from the Heinemann Library for Ancient Chinese, Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Ancient Romans, Ancient West Africa, Incas, and Aztecs

Geography (2 Times/week)
G is for Geography – Serendipity (once a week)

Landforms & Maps of Countries studies in history (Greece, Egypt, Rome, China, India) (once a week)

All basic operations: Right Start Math – Level C (Daily)

Geometry - Montessori R & D Geometry Manual - Names, etymology, and definition of lines, angles, figures, triangles, and quadrilaterals . Geometry nomenclature cards (Twice a week)

Time (cycle of the year, sundial, hourglass, clocks through the ages): November 1st – November 25th, Measurement – February 15th – 28th, Weight – March 1st – March 21st

Living Math Books: Math is Everywhere, Ancient Roots of Mathematics in Africa and Mesopotamia, Ancient Roots of Mathematics in Asia, Ancient Roots of Mathematics in the Americas – October 1st – 15th. Thales and the Egyptians, Pythagoras and the Early Greeks, Archimedes Part 1, Archimedes Part 2 and Eratosthenes – January 6th – January 31st

Nature Studies
Zoology: Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock. Vertebrates & Invertebrates - zoological nomenclature/definition cards, puzzles and nature notebook. (2 times a week)

Botany: Shanleya’s Quest: A Botany Adventure for Kids Ages 9-99. Parts of plants & trees including roots, leaves, stems – botanical nomenclature /definition cards, puzzles, and nature notebook. (2 times a week). Along the Alphabet Path Flower Fairies – Serendipity (once a week)

Practical Life
Cooking: First Cookbook (Once a week)

Carpentry: Carpentry for Children (Once a week)

Farming & Gardening – Plant cycle, Seven Grains, Preserving Food (drying, canning, freezing) – September 1st – September 30th

Shelter (learning about ancient shelters and building models of them): December 1st – December 21st, and Making a House (learning about construction and building a small house): May 1st – May 21st

RecorderOak Meadow Recorder (Twice a week)

Music Study: Serendipity - M is for Melody (Daily – listening, Biography, etc. – Once a week)

Choir: Twice a month

Free Art (Once a week)

Form Drawing: Form Drawing for Beginners by Donna Simmons (Once a week)

Artist Study: M is for Masterpiece - Serendipity - (Daily – look at art, Biography, etc. – Once a week)

Knitting (Once a week for 1st half of the year)

Crocheting (Once a week for 2nd half of year)

Physical Education
Going Outside – Daily

Yoga – Twice a Week

Dance – Once a week

On my planning evenings, I plan what specifically Flower will be studying for the week. I also have a daily schedule that is more our benefit. I look at it as a goal for what I'd like to see us get done on any given day. Some days, we get everything done and we do it close to the times that I said that we would. Other days, not so much. But I record what she does get done in my Daily Journal, so I know what did/didn't get accomplished during the week.

In my next post, I'll post my Themes for September for the Preschool. Most of what we do in preschool is mostly Montessori-based, but I also incorporate monthly/seasonal changes. It would take me forever to list all the Montessori activities and when I plan on presenting the activity for the year, but I will try and mention what lesson that I taught on any given day.

-Mrs. F

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