Monday, September 15, 2008

Plans for September 15th, 2008


Practical Life
Sponge Squeezing

Brown Stair
Sandpaper Shapes - Circle

Sequence Cards
Along the Alphabet Path “M”
Nursery Rhyme - An Apple A Day
Sandpaper Letters & Red Series - M Lesson (4s)

Writing Letters in Sand
Metal Insets (4s)

Where the Wild Things Are
If You Take a Mouse To School
Good Night Moon

Trees – Tree Puzzle & 3 part cards

Bird - Bird Puzzle & 3 part cards

Land, Water, Air Lesson

Number 0
Sandpaper Numerals (4s)

Listen to Stephen Foster
Listen to Mallow Fairy song

Museum ABC - M is for Monster
Create a self-portrait similar to Mona Lisa

Character Development
Being a Good Friend – Friendship Quilt

Seasonal Topic

3rd Grade:

Religion/Copywork (daily)
Old Testament from Penny Gardner’s reading list

Literature (daily)
Little House on the Prairie

Language (daily)
Imitation in Writing – Work on Princess Stories book
1- Read story 2-Pick out unfamiliar words and look up in dictionary 3-Write similar but original fairy tale (3 days a week)
P is for Poetry – Letter M (one day a week)
Flower Fairies - Write a different poem for the Mallow Fairy & draw a different picture (one day a week)

History (three times a week)
Read DK: Ancient Egypt
Do a project from Make History: Ancient Egypt
Read the Zekmet the Stone Carver

Geography (twice a week)
Study about Alaska – State Quarter website
Make Landform stencils

Math (daily)
Begin work with Math-U-See

Geometry (twice a week)
Read Story of Geography

Botany (three times a week)
Work on Plant Kingdom Charts
Do botanical information for Flower Fairy "M"
Identify types of leaves and flowers from last week’s nature walk

Zoology (two times a week)
Work on Six Kingdom Charts
Do zoological information for bird
Take pictures of birds

Main Lesson (three days a week)
Learn how to use dehydrator and dry fruits and vegetables

Practical Life (three days a week)
Cook for Letter M activity – Mozzerella Bread and Hot Chocolate with Marshmellows (one day a week)
Buy a tool (one day a week)
Do mending (one day a week)

Handwork (two days a week)
Do second lesson of knitting

Music (4-5 days a week)
Go to Homeschool Choir (one day a week)
Practice Recorder (two days a week)
Read about Stephen Foster (one day a week)

Art (4-5 days a week)
Study Michelangelo (one day a week)
Recreate one of his paintings or sculptures (one day a week)
Watercolor painting (one day a week)
Free Art (one day a week)

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