Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Busy, Busy!

Today we were so busy that we didn't get outside until quarter after 11, and we usually go outside at 11. The cutting work is popular this week. So many little envelopes going home with little snips of blue paper!

Flower was at Tuesday school today. She did more math than I had assigned her, but forgot to do her literature, so it all evened out. :) Every morning, Jelly Bean says that she doesn't want to go to school and that she wants to stay home with Flower, but every day after school, she is SO excited to tell me all about what she has done that day at school. I would really love to have her with us, but I know that the public school is best for her right now, and if I'm really honest, it is probably best for us at home too. Jelly Bean gets distracted easily at home, and when she gets distracted, her good behavior tends to decline. She is also not as an independent worker as Flower (not that I would expect her to be at her age) and would require more time than I probably would be able to devote to her between teaching preschool and homeschooling Flower.

-Mrs. F

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AFarCryFromNormal said...

I am glad that things are going well with homeschooling. I hope that I can manage having everyone home soon. I am really considering leaving them in for this whole school year considering they are already switching public schools. I don't want to totally whack them out. F with be over a year then anyway and things will be so much easier in that sense. Kudos to you though and it really seems like she is having a great time being homeschooled.