Friday, September 12, 2008

Today was the first day that I really saw Flower complaining

and I'm sure that they will be more as the year goes on, but today was the first time that I hear a lot of "I don't want to . . . " stuff. At first I reminded her that she wouldn't say things like that to her teachers at school, and after that, I told her that if she wanted to keep complaining, then she would need to do her work at her desk in her room. She chose to keep complaining, so I sent her to her room. She was not happy at first, but she did settle down and get to work, and actually finished the two assigments I gave her relatively quickly.

In preschool, most of the friends wanted to do the "writing letters in cornmeal" work and so almost everyone took a turn at that. Block Tower extensions continue to be popular as well as the bird puzzle. We are taking a field trip on September 19th to an apple orchard, and everyone is excited. It was raining AGAIN, so we stayed inside and did play-doh with cookie cutter letters. A grand time was had by all.

-Mrs. F

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