Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wiggle, Wiggle

Today's Line Time was really wiggly, so I decided to let them go ahead and start work time a little early instead of continuing on with a story. It was just what they needed, apparently, because they got right to work. Super has figured out how to do the brown stair extension where you place the block tower piece that corresponds in height to the brown stair piece. He was busy with that work for at least 20 minutes. Friend #1 enjoyed drawing and working on Transferring with Whole Hand work (I promise, there will be pictures soon), Friend #2 looked at a book about birds, and Friend #3 enjoyed the tree puzzle and hanging cloths on the clothesline. They all did other work too, but these works were the ones that I noticed that they spent the longest time working on. We had Melba Toast for snack today and Friend #2 said "Mrs. F, this is SO crunchy! How did they make it that way?" I tried to give a brief explanation. We talked a little bit about other crunchy foods.

Flower is at Tuesday School. She is really enjoying studying Ancient Egypt. I decided to not go with a single History book, but instead I'm using the table of contents of a book that I have at home for ancient civilizations, and then picking out a number of books on a particular civilization at the library. I tried to get a mix of different books, some factual with lots of pictures, some historical fiction, and some factual with less pictures that would lend itself to research better than some of the others.

I heard from a mom of a former student today. I've had two of her children here at Montgomery Academy. She has her children spend their 3rd year at a small preschool and their 4th year at a larger preschool. She e-mailed me today to say that "her daughter did beautifully yesterday, and I credit you for a lot of that. She didn't cry and although she felt a little shy and just kept to herself, she said it was fun and she loves Miss Judy. So thank you for all the good you did for her! We love Mrs. F!" Comments like that make teaching preschool worth it on the days when I get a little frustrated or a little tired.

-Mrs. F

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AFarCryFromNormal said...

I love that you have this blog too. That way I can help J with additional things that go with what you are doing. I also like that you have included 3rd grade homeschool stuff. It will help me get an idea of what to do with K next year. I can also look at what you are doing and see if there is anything that I may have or be able to help her with too if you would like. You are doing awesome! (your jealous sis that couldn't possibly do what you are doing but am coming to terms with it. There is a time and a season....right?!)