Monday, September 15, 2008

What we worked on in preschool today (m)

I did a lesson on brown stair and put out some sequence cards and bird cards today, but none of the students chose those works during work time. Super did matching pictures, knobbed cylinder C, and cutting work, Friend #1 (Al) did cutting, writing letters in cornmeal, and short bead stair, Friend #2 (Av) did the bird puzzle and the bird book, Friend #3(L) pom pom transfer and read books from the library, and Friend #4(J) did the number puzzle and numbers and counters. Friend #3 and Friend #4 were being such good friends today. They were reading to each other and they were helping each other if they didn't know how to finish a work. Friend #2, despite being the youngest student (2.75), continually surprises me with her long attention span and fine motor skills. Friend #1 started out the day with a tantrum, but recovered by the time it was line time and enjoyed work time today. Super still has trouble staying for very long at line, but I'm just trying to be happy with small steps. :)

We have been having so much rain, and the playset in our backyard was wet, so we decided to go on a walk instead. We walked to the park, and decided that the park looked dry enough to play on. We played for about 20 minutes and then walked back and had lunch. Friend #2 and Friend #4 were picked up a little after 12, and then we read a story and Super and Friend #1 and Friend #3 went down for a nap. Well, I pretty sure that only one of the three is actually sleeping, but they are all in bed, and being mostly quiet, and that is o.k. with me.

-Mrs. F

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