Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Only one more hour

until Jelly Bean comes home. I've been missing her the past couple of days, especially during the downtime in the afternoon. We went to Open House last night at her school, and I know the school well since both Flower and Jelly Bean started at the school as 3 year old Pre-K students. I'm very comfortable with the school and with Jelly Bean's teacher. I know that it is the right thing to do to have her there - her behavior issues are helped so much by her being surrounded by lots of other children that are making good choices and she has access to resources that I wouldn't have at home. I hope that someday, maybe by the time she is in 3rd grade, that I'll be able to bring her home too.

But until then, I'll be just a little sad that she isn't here with us, learning and playing and enjoying each other. Oh, and probably having some fighting and complaining too, if I know my two girls and how they act when they are together for a full day. And I'll miss her, especially that last hour, and I'll show her how glad I am to see her when she gets home.

-Mrs. F

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