Monday, April 20, 2009

Schedule - April 20-24, 2009

Science: Weather
Zoology: Birds
Botany: Seeds
Geography: Europe

Number of the Month: 7
Shape of the Month: Oval
Letter of the Week: Sh

From the Reading Basket: Little Quack, Little Quack Hide and Seek, Earth Day, Chick Life Cycle & Sunflower Life Cycle, and One Rainy Day.

Third Grade
Literature - Addy books from the American Girl series
Writing - Journal writing and writing a report about US History in 1865.
Spelling - 3rd unit in Grade 6 Spell and Write book.
Grammar - Prepositions
Mathematics - 2 digit multiplication and division up to 12.
Zoology - Human Body. Finished the systems and now looking at specific organs.
Geography - Nevada and New Hampshire as well as Philidelphia, PA (as part of the Addy story)
History - Civil War, Abraham Lincoln
Alphabet Books - The letter T (M is for Music - Tempo, M is for Masterpiece - Taj Majal, and R is for Rhyme - Tampa)

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