Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday: Waldorf - A Comparison To Other Types Of Education

A UK Department for Education and Skills report noted significant differences in curriculum and pedagogical approach between Waldorf/Steiner and mainstream schools and recommended that schools in the state sector could benefit from the following elements of Waldorf education:
  • early introduction and approach to modern foreign languages;
  • the combination of block (class) and subject teaching for younger children;
  • development of speaking and listening through an emphasis on oral work;
  • the good pacing of lessons through an emphasis on rhythm;
  • the emphasis on child development guiding the curriculum and examinations;
  • the approach to art and creativity;
  • the attention given to teachers’ reflective activity and heightened awareness (in collective child study for example);
  • and collegial structure of leadership and management, including collegial study.

(From Waldorf Education on Wikipedia)


At Montgomery Academy, I do try to use the emphasis of rhythm to our daily routine as well as to the rhthym of the year, and an emphasis on art and creativity. I also try to be reflective of the children's actions both during classroom time and the way that I approach my lesson planning.


Amber said...

Hello Andie!

Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog - I love discovering more Montessori-lovin' bloggers! I'm going to read back more through your posts because I see that you are also interested in Waldorf.

Cheers :)

Jennie said...


I've just recently discovered your blog and am reading back through it. Sorry if you've covered this in previous posts, but would you please share more about the rhythm for your day? This is an area where I really struggle, and I'd love to hear more about it. Also, do you have a preschool in addition to homeschooling your own children? And could you tell me your kids' ages? Sorry to be asking so many questions! Like Amber said, I'm also interested in Montessori/Waldorf/Charlotte Mason, and you seem to be much more on top of things than I!

Thanks in advance!