Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday: On The Shelves

I don't have access to my camera right now, so I'll just describe what is out, and I may put the pictures later.

Practical Life
Sweeping, Shell sorting, Spring Colors Pom-Pom Transfer with small tongs
Marble and Duck transfer with fingers, Flower arranging with daffodils
Dressing Vests, Folding cloths

Free Art Materials - Crayons, Colored Pencils, Markers, Glue, Scissors, Paper Punch, Stapler
Ducks to Cut and Color, Laminated Umbrella and Dry Erase Markers
Construction Paper, Cardstock, Copy Paper
Art Easel

Sensory Table
Beans and Plastic Eggs, Green Playdoh

Fabrics, Touch Tablets
Color Tablets 1, 2, 3. Color Matching Cards, Color Sorting Activity
Block Tower, Knobbed Cylinders
Brown Stair

Geometric Puzzles (Triangles, Squares, Circles, Rectangle), Geometric Demonstration Tray, Geometric Cards
GeoBoard, Pattern Blocks
Geometric Solids, Geometric Solid Cards, Stereognostic Bag with Geometric Shapes

Language - Shelf 1
Sandpaper Letters (All letters a-z are out now)
Sound Boxes
Picture Cards

Language - Shelf 2
Upper/Lowercase matching with plastic eggs
Season Matching Cards, Days of the Week Matching, Spring Matching Cards
Moveable Alphabet, Pink Level Cards, Laminated Letter and Number Cards

Science Shelf
Bird Puzzle, Type of Birds Cards, Parts of Bird 3 part cards, book about ducks
Seed Puzzle, Type of Seed Cards, Parts of Seeds 3 part cards, book about seeds

Continent Globe, Land and Water Globe, Atlas, Europe Continet Box
Continent Map
North America Map
United States Map

Introduction to Decimal System and Number Cards
Cards and Counters with blue circles for raindrops, Sandpaper Numbers
Number Rods and Numerals
Pattern Cards and Counting Bears


Amber said...

Wow! What lucky little ducks you have! I can't wait to fill out the vast holes in our Montessori materials.

p.s I'm going to subscribe to your rss feed :)

AndieF said...

I lots of my printed materials for free from Montessori Materials. I buy printed materials from Montessori for Everyone or Montessori Print Shop. I purchased a bunch of materials (primarily zoology/botany and sensorial) about 5 years ago, and then I've just bought a few every year since then. Every year I tweak and add.

I've really loved homeschooling my 3rd grader this year too. What a fun age.