Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday: Charlotte Mason - Nature Study

One of the things that the Charlotte Mason educational philosophy is "known" for is the emphasis on nature study. I live in the city, and in a new subdivision with little trees, and not much wildlife either except for an excessive amount of rabbits and some mourning doves. But I try to do what I can, and there is always room for improvement.

In A Charlotte Mason Companion, she says "City children can have windowsill gardens. They will enjoy growing carrot tops, keeping their very own geraniums clipped and watered, starting marigolds from seed, and learning to recognize herbs by their scent while blind-folded."

Montgomery Academy always has a garden, and this year is no exception. It will even be expanded to about twice its current size, although it will still be small (10 feet by 5 feet). We will be growing flowers, vegetables, and strawberries. I also have plans to make the backyard into a more child friendly place - a new wooden swing set, some stone slaps and boulders, an area for a japanese garden, and some tree stumps. We will also hopefully be adding some fruit trees, some evergreen trees, and some shrubs.

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