Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Heart Montessori For Everyone!

I remember seeing Lori's materials back on e-bay a number of years ago. I've been teaching preschool using the Montessori Method since Flower was 3 (she is 10 now.) Back then, there was VERY little available on web. There were these on-line manuals, but that was about it. Two or three years later, a few people started selling montessori materials on e-bay. Around that time, I remember seeing Lori's printed materials on e-bay. I think I might have bought a couple of 3 part cards sets back then.

And then I just sort of carried on, learning things from books, and the on-line manuals, and David Gettman's book, and Lillard's Montessori In The Classroom book, and just doing it. A couple years ago, I started a blog for my family, and suddenly I noticed that there were many other people out there who had blogs and used Montessori, and then I stumbed on Lori's blog and her company - Montessori For Everyone (she sells things through her own online store now instead of selling them on e-bay.) I ordered a few things from her - mostly pre-reading activities for the preschoolers. I was starting to think about homeschooling my daughter (who was in 2nd grade at the time) and I e-mailed her to ask her about homeschooling an elementary aged child with Montessori. She graciously e-mailed back and answered all of my questions.

I did start homeschooling the next year, and I ordered a few more things for Flower and a few more for the preschoolers (mostly science related).

But this year, I don't know what I would do without her materials, especially for the homeschoolers. She has truly been a lifesaver! I didn't start the school year with a plan to order much from her - maybe some art cards or maybe some math sets. In November, we decided to teach grammar to all the kids using Montessori grammar and so I ordered most of the Word Study cards. It has made a HUGE difference in their excitement about the subject and their retention. And then I ordered the Continent Kits and US Kit. The homeschoolers LOVE them. I did get some art sets, music sets, and math sets too. And then the Botany Nomenclature Card Set. For the preschoolers, I ordered the farm cards. It has been so a blessing to have reasonably priced materials that are so well done. And Lori has again this year been so wonderful answering any questions that I might have about the materials or homeschooling.

Thank you Lori at Montessori For Everyone!


Lori Bourne said...

Wow, thank you so much for your kind comments! I am so glad to know that my materials have been helpful.

That's been my goal from the beginning - to help people do Montessori better, whether at a school or at home. So I love to get feedback like this!

AndieF said...

No problem Lori! You have certainly made it easier for me to have the ability to do Montessori better - whether I actually do, well, that is debatable!!! LOL

Kylie said...

I a homeschooler and newbie to Montessori I know that I will end up probably purchasing pretty much most of my materials from Lori. I just couldn't possibly make everything I need when really I need it all now!!

Even just the assembly of the materials is time consuming enough.