Monday, February 8, 2010

What We We Were Up To: Homeschool - Late January

Well, this picture shows a little of everybody -
tots, preschoolers, and homeschoolers
Jelly Bean working on the Idaho Quarter

Helper working on a page for his Music Notebook.
We are currently studying Mahler out of
Story of Orchestra.

Flower working on India out of
A Trip Around The World.
The Olders are currently studying
Asia. We use several different
resources for our continent studies.
This book is just one of the things
that we use.

Scooter working on weaving a potholder.
We were studying about N is for Navaho
in our M is for Masterpiece book, and it
discussed how they wove blankets. I decided
we weren't quite up for weaving blankets,
and we had this on hand. All the children
enjoyed this project.

Dissecting Flowers.
This project was a BIG hit.
(Project taken from Apologia Botany)

Creating lava to learn about Venus' surface.
(Project taken from Apologia Astronomy)

Working on Math flashcards with each other

Dying items like the Ancient Phoenicians
(Project taken from Story of the World 1)

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Anonymous said...

Andie, i just wanted to thank-you for your comment on my blog today! Actually not all my materials are the same. I guess because they are not all purchased from the same supplier. You sure do amaze me. Your homeschool inspires me continually!