Monday, February 1, 2010

Pics of Montgomery Academy: Downstairs Version

Remember this post? It showed the upstairs of most of my home. Much of our home is used by Montgomery Academy during the week. The toddlers use a lot of the upstairs area, as well as the homeschoolers during the morning. The preschoolers do reading time, journal time, and morning snack upstairs, but much of their time is spent downstairs. The homeschoolers also do afternoon school downstairs.

The preschool area/family room is 30' x 15'. The homeschool room is 9' x10'. There is a bathroom and another bedroom downstairs also.

Oh, and try and overlook the mess/clutter. I was going to straighten stuff up, but I just wanted to get these pictures taken and posted. It had already been 5 months since I did the upstairs version. So here you go . . .

The view as you come down the stairs

To the left of the stairs/northeast corner of the preschool area

The southeast corner

The southwest corner of the preschool area.
There are shelves that sit on the backside of the couch.

The family room area. There is a couch and a recliner
(you can see the recliner sticking up - the couch is next to it.)
There is a loveseat on the west wall and a computer desk
on the east wall, and the bookcases and entertainment
center on the north wall.
The preschoolers are not allowed to go on the family room
side during preschool. It took a bit of reminding at the
beginning, but now they never venture over, even
if I am sitting at the computer.
The downstairs hallway. On the other
side of the red folders is the stairway.
The furnace/water heater are
behind the bi-fold doors.
The "Frog" bathroom -
2nd door on the left off the hallway.
There is a bedroom - 3rd door
on the left off the hallway (not pictured)

The homeschool room - first door on the right
off the hallway, across from the bedroom.
Next post - what's in the homeschool room?

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