Thursday, February 25, 2010

Preschool: The Science Shelf

On the preschool shelf, I usually have something out from botany and something out from zoology. Sometimes, I have a science tray out with something about ecology or earth science or astronomy, etc.

Here is a picture of the Science Shelf -

The wire shelf is from Target (in the laundry section).

Close up of the 1st shelf.

The puzzle is from Montessori N' Such.
The sheet next to it is from Freebies section of
Montessori N' Such. I print them out, color them,
laminate them, and use the as control sheets.

I've had these MNS puzzles (both the botany and
zoology) for many years, and they have
held up very well. (I also use these puzzles with
the early elementary homeschoolers, but on a
more advanced level.)

Next to the puzzle are flower books.
One is from Scholastic (A First Discovery Book),
and the other one is a Dover sticker book.
I have many of these Dover "Learning About"
sticker books. The preschoolers seem to enjoy
the small size of these books.

Close up of the second shelf.
Three part cards about flowers from
Montessori For Everyone.
Types of Flowers from MOE.
More of the Freebie sheets, but these are
printed on regular paper, and used as coloring sheets.

Zoology puzzle from Montessori N Such.
Freebie sheet from Montessori N Such.
Books about birds including an Usborne Spotter's
Guide to Birds of North America,
and a Dover "Learning About" sticker book.

3 part bird cards from MOE, Types of Birds
(I'm not sure where I got these? Anybody know?)
and more Freebie coloring sheets.

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