Monday, February 1, 2010

On The Shelves: January

Here it is February, and I'm finally getting some pictures of some of the things that were on the shelves for January!

Practical Life Shelf 1: Tonging, Opening/Closing, and Spooning

Practical Life Shelf 2 and 3: Clothespins on a Cup, Dusting, and Sewing; Dressing Vests

Art Shelf 1: Scissors/Glue, Stamping, Foam Snowflakes, Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils

Art Shelf 2 and 3: Snowman Coloring Sheet, Lady Bug Coloring Sheet, Ll Coloring Sheet, Copy Paper, Inset Paper

Language Shelves: This area has undergone a MAJOR revamp. There will be a whole separate post on these shelves.

Reading Shelves 1 and 2: Bob Books, Puzzle Word
Cards, Snow Cards; Snowman Sequence, Calendar Matching,
Winter Matching, Snow Flake Matching, and Snowman Size.

Close up of Snowman Sequence (of him melting)
From KidsSoup

Close up of Calendar Matching.
From Montessori For Everyone.

Close up of Winter Matching.
From Montessori Print Shop.

This shelf underwent a revamp too and will be
included in the Language post.
Writing Shelf 1 - Chalkboard, Letter Writing Sheets
(from KidsSoup), Letter Stamps.

Writing Shelf 2 - Magnadoodles, Magnetic Letters, Pink Words,
and Moveable Alphabet

Writing Shelf 2 - Dry Erase for Letters and Numbers,
Flannel Board with Snowmen

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